1st Annual Edmund Weaver Lecture in Astronomy

Maths & Physics News


Over A Decade Of Discoveries

a public lecture by

Dr Phil Sutton

Loughborough University (till August 2017)

Wednesday, 11 October 2017,

6:00-7:20 pm

Newton Lecture Theatre  INB0114 in the Isaac Newton building, University of Lincoln

Eventbrite - 1st Edmund Weaver Lecture in Astronomy
The Cassini spacecraft has been in orbit around Saturn since 2004. The unprecedented detail of over a decade’s worth of observations of Saturn, its rings and many moons has helped us further understand our Solar System. With Saturn being placed onto a direct collision with Saturn in the later part of 2017 we are expecting the most exciting science to come from these more risky manoeuvres. We will recap some of the most important and exciting discoveries that Cassini has made over the following decade along with its very last contributions to science.

Phil Sutton graduated in Physics with Astrophysics from Nottingham Trent University. He worked at the physics department of Loughborough University for 10…

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  1. My wife Elaine and I were so sorry to not attend your talk tonight. We had booked, but sickness of our daughter and need to look after our grandchildren took precedence. We do hope it went well, and look forward to similar events in the future.

    Jeremy Wright


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