Astronomy Equipment

Here in the school of mathematics and physics at the University of Lincoln we have a variety of telescopes for practical observations. Observations of astronomical objects is a great way to make the most of the theoretical lectures delivered on the physics program. Students also get the chance to use the telescopes when undertaking a final year project in astrophysics.


Currently we have three telescopes:

Skywatcher Evostar 120 EQ5 Telescope

4.75inch (120mm) refracting telescope with equatorial mount.

Meade LX90 ACF 8″ UHTC GOTO Telescope

8 inch (203mm) Schmidt-Cassegrain reflecting telescope which sits on a altitude-azimuth mount.


Celestron CGX Equatorial 1100 SCT Telescope

11 inch (280mm) Schmidt-Cassegrain reflecting telescope which sits on a equatorial mount.



We also have the following accessories like cameras, eyepieces and filters:

  • QHY5L-II Monochrome Planetary/Guide Camera
  • Atik 314L Mono CCD Camera
  • QHY 163 Cooled USB3 CMOS camera
  • Celestron 1.25 Eyepiece and filter kit
  • Sky-Watcher FLIP mirror
  • Sky-Watcher 1.25 Lunar planetary filter
  • ZWO 5-position filter Wheel 1.25

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